The Wild & Whimsical Adventures of Blue.

Pete Peaks

A place that holds special meaning in the hearts of many, but is often taken for granted intrigued and inspired me to document its importance.

It is a cramped space when full but in the most positive and comfortable way. It is only well lit when the sun is shining. However, at nightfall, the stars have the ability to illuminate this space in an eerie way. It provides firm yet relaxed seating with extraordinary panoramic views.

The interior of this specific place is overwhelmingly gray but filled with clutter and mementos that give it charm. Stickers consume the outer shell of this place, distinctly branding it. Pictures, postcards and memories fill the space. So much junk that it is difficult at times to see the floor, or the seat next to you for that matter. Left over cups, receipts, wrappers and napkins are reminiscent of when we had money to eat out. Clothes scatter the place, papers and magazines and maps and trinkets from where we have travelled. Honestly, there is no predicting what you might discover is not actually lost but hidden in the disaster of this location that many have come to consider their own.

Blue is her name. Hyndai Tucson is her make and model.

Click here if you are intrigued to read the full article.


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