How to Text if you Want a Date with Me.


Nowadays you can look good, have a great sense of humor, be intelligent, fun and adventurous but let’s be honest, you’re going no where in a relationship if you can’t text.

The world of dating was forever changed with the invention of the text message. The ability to be in constant communication with a lover was revolutionary but paved the way for an entirely new set of confusing relationship rules and games. It’s sad but true, most women my age get turned off by awkward, too forward or just poor texting skills.

My generation has been socialized to use this technology in their dating lives but the rules that come along with this socialization are confusing and most of the time unspoken, leaving us unsure of the proper way to go about texting. Watching my friends question their actions, experience misery and frustration with the results of a text (or lack there of) and ultimately feel just confused, I decided to explore the mysterious world of texting and dating.

Here are a few thoughts I have on how to text if you want a date with someone like me…


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