Things Mom Forgot to Tell You About Love.

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Over the years, I have discovered that what I have been told about love and relationships is quite different from what I have experienced.

Realizing that when my soulmate does approach me, he is not going to resemble a prince in shining armor, nor will he exude halos of light from the top of his head nor will angels be singing in my ears as he speaks, confused me. The fairy tale ending that we are all in search of comes in a much different package and is achieved through much different means.

I am not discounting true love in any way, I just think that Mom left out a few important details from her relationship education, details that need to be discussed.

I cannot thank my mother enough for always stressing the power of independence and being a strong woman. She taught me that being yourself is the most important aspect of a relationship. She taught me how to respect and ultimately love a person and to understand the importance of being single. She taught me everything I know but left me slightly unprepared.

So far, I think I’ve gotten along just fine but recently I noticed that there are hidden dynamics at play that I was never told about. Maybe they are lessons we are meant to learn from experience but it would have been nice to get a heads up rather than learning the hard way.

Here are some lessons I compiled through personal experience and witnessing the women around me deal with relationships. I have a feeling there is much more for me to learn…click here to see what I believe my mother forgot to tell me about love.


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