About Me

Hayley is a highly-caffeinated day dreamer. She is full time learner with a whimsical imagination and passion for living mindfully. She likes doing something outside of her comfort zone every day  because  she believes challenge yields a more confident and independent person. She likes starting conversation with the strangers at her local coffee shop because she likes to talk and likes when someone makes her think about something new.

Most importantly she likes words. She likes to creatively combine various words from her vocabulary to uniquely express herself. She firmly believes being able to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas using the written word is the most powerful medium an artist can utilize.

Hayley is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, where she studied journalism, politics and international media. She wants to change the world and makes a point to surround herself with people that motivate and embrace her as she strives to make a difference in anyway she can. Follow her on twitter.

Girl Power.


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